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    Want to protect the environment, but aren’t sure how?
    We are dedicated to helping people lead a greener life and provide access to hundreds of ‘green’ sites as well as green tips, facts, news, articles and more.

    What’s new at Green Links?
    We’ve added a straw poll, a visitors’ book and a new mailing list page.

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    Featured link

    You can now buy solar water heating panels and wind turbines from B&Q. B&Q also stock FSC wood products.

    Who’s behind the site?

    Green Links is an independent site which features no advertising and receives no funding from the companies and organisations it features. We’re in this to make a difference, not to make money.

    Your planet needs you!

    There are lots of practical ways in which you can get involved and help us achieve our aims.

    Straw poll

    Do you believe that Tony Blair can positively influence the US Government’s attitude to the environment?

    55 percent have voted ‘Yes’ 

     and 45 percent have voted ‘No

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