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    link to us

    If you have a site of your own, why not add a link to Please feel free to add a text link (if you need to describe us, ‘We are dedicated to helping people lead a greener life and provide access to hundreds of green sites as well as green tips, facts, news and articles’) or a graphical link, as described below:

    1) Decide which of these two images you would like to use:

    2) Insert an image at the place in your site where you would like to add the link. Make the size either 304 (w) by 35 (h) pixels for the first image or 155 by 32 pixels for the second image. Set the border to ‘0’ and the description (or ‘alt’ setting) to ‘link to Green Links’.

    3) Set the source of the image to ‘’ for the first image or ‘’ for the second image. You may wish to save the image to your own site directory (you can do this by right-clicking the image and selecting ‘save picture as’) in which case you’ll need to change the source setting for the image.

    4) Make the image a link and set the link address to ‘’.

    5) Save your page and upload it to your Internet Service Provider.