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    About Green Links

    About us

    Entering its fifth year, our site contains links to hundreds of other companies, organisations, charities and groups that we believe have broadly similar aims to our own. We are obviously unlikely to agree with every point of view that is expressed on every site and can not guarantee that every company or organisation we feature has a ‘perfect’ environmental record (if such a thing exists), but believe that it is better to allow you to make up your own minds about what you read and to encourage positive environmental action rather than focus entirely on problems.

    Links to your site

    We are happy to include links to other sites that we believe match the ‘green links ethos’. Contact us if you would like to add a link to your site, or other sites you think we may be interested in, or if you would prefer us to remove an existing link to your site. If you prefer to (and would like to save us some time!) you can add a link to the site yourself.

    Links to our site

    We believe that there can never be too many sites dedicated to ‘green issues’; if all we do is help you find another site that you prefer to ours, then we have served a useful purpose! We’d encourage people to add links to our site; it’s easy to do and can only help the cause.